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Frequently Asked Questions

Are rowing machines good or bad for your back?

In short, a rowing machine is never bad for your lower back. It's safe even for people who suffer from physical disabilities or are recuperating from illnesses. The important thing to remember is to perform the strokes correctly. Make sure to learn the basics before working out on a rower.

Is a rowing machine bad for your back?

If you use a rowing machine as part of your regular workout, work with an athletic trainer to learn proper rowing form to get the most out of your workout and avoid injury. Because the lower back is such an important physical component of the rowing motion, the lumbar region is particularly vulnerable to developing back pain in the discs.

Is the rowing machine good exercise?

Strength Training. Whether you do it out on a lake or in the comfort of a gym, rowing can actually be a great way to improve your fitness. Like the bench press, rowing is an exercise that works almost all of your major muscle groups and helps strengthen your core as well.

Is a rowing machine considered cardio?

Cardio Training. A rowing machine workout is a great cardio workout. When you run, your heart only pumps blood to your legs because you use only your legs. On the other hand, when rowing, you use several large muscles; your heart pumps blood to all those muscles and adapts to be fitter.

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