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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my router IP?

On your computer, open Command Prompt and type: ipconfig and then press Enter. You will see the default IP address of your modem or router from the Default Gateway section. From your smartphone, connect to your wireless network. Once it’s connected, tap on the WiFi name to view the default IP address of your router.

Which IP is correct for connecting to the router?

Commonly found "default" Local IP addresses for routers are,,,

How does router assign IP?

How to assign a static IP address to a router? Find out the Default Gateway address. You can easily get your default gateway by using the following command in your command prompt. ... Look for the Username and password of a router. Next, you need to look for a username and password, mostly the default depending upon the service provider or brand. Open router UI portal. ... Binding MAC and IP address. ...

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