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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the route planner work?

The route planner will give you a list of directions to your destination, and each individual direction has its own mileage, helping you to keep on track and stay clear of wrong turnings. Before you head out make sure you’re covered with breakdown cover so you can get back on...

What is the green flag route planner?

Route planner If you’ve got a journey ahead, whether it’s small or large, the Green Flag Route Planner can help you get there with minimal fuss. The route planner isn’t limited to the UK. You can get accurate directions across Europe.

How does the route finder work?

Once you enter your start point and destination the route finder will map out the best routes for your journey, giving you an estimation of time and an accurate mileage count. It’s easy to add waypoints, so if you know you need to take a detour en route then you don’t need to workout separate journeys.

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