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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Route 66 so famous?

Route 66 is the most famous road in America. Generations of travelers have romanticized this highway as a symbol of unlimited mobility and freedom of the road.

Why Route 66 is famous?

Route 66 has an iconic status in the USA for a couple reasons: Firstly it is a long road that goes through lots of famous locations, including Chicago (where it starts), Two Guns (a ghost town in Arizona) and Santa Monica (where it finishes).

Is Route 66 a 'dangerous' road?

Unfortunately, Route 66 has not always been the romantic road we love to describe. It was also extremely deadly for motorists and pedestrians alike. Among other things, because traffic volume grew at an amazing rate over time.

What are some facts about Route 66?

About Route 66. Route 66 was the most well known road in a national network of public highways which succeeded in uniting a huge, dispersed nation into a cohesive whole. During its heyday, Route 66 mirrored the mood of the nation.

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