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Frequently Asked Questions

Who performs electrical inspections in the city of Roseville?

The City of Roseville contracts with Pete Tokle Electrical Inspections to perform all electrical inspections. or call 763-754-2983, Monday-Friday, 7:00-8:30 AM.

Is Roseville a service organization?

Beyond all else, we are a service organization, and we are here to serve our community. Roseville is the largest city in Placer County and called home by 135,000 people. Find the resources you need here.

What does the engineering department do in Roseville?

Engineering Permits: Roseville's Engineering Department oversees Right-of-Way permits, Erosion Control permits, and Storm water permits. Read More The City's Planning Division administers the Zoning Code and guides residents and developers through the application process.

How do I request an inspection?

Please call 651-792-7080 to request an inspection.* *Inspectors will continue to take precautionary measures by dressing in personal protective equipment. Both inspectors and person (s) on site are expected to continue practicing social distancing.

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