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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a roguelite?

A roguelite is not-quite-a-roguelike. It's a fuzzy definition, but it's a starting place. (I've also heard the term roguelikelike .) Back in 2008, some guys at the International Roguelike Development Conference 2008 in Berlin were annoyed about how some games were claiming to be roguelikes, but they weren't enough like Rogue.

Are roguelike games better than roguelite?

Roguelike games can be incredibly rewarding to play, but the only progression you can make in a roguelike game is in your own skill. Roguelite games are also better equipped to flatten the frequent difficulty spikes that occur due to the random nature of rogue games, making them more forgiving and accessible.

What is a roguea roguelike?

A Roguelike is first and foremost, a type of video game derived from the game Rogue. When talking about any type of game that references the word “Rogue,” it’s undoubtedly referring to the 1980’s Rogue. From Rogue spawned a slew of mechanically similar games called Hack, Moria, then later Nethack, ADOM (Ancient Domains of Mystery), and Angband.

What are some successful roguelike-likes?

Since then, there have been dozens of successful roguelike-likes, including Darkest Dungeon, Nuclear Throne, and Enter the Gungeon. What Is a Roguelite? In 2013, Cellar Door Games released Rogue Legacy and intentionally avoided calling it a roguelike or even a roguelike-like, instead opting to forge a new term: the roguelite .

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