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Frequently Asked Questions

What are roguelike Dungeons?

Roguelike Dungeons is a mod by Greymerk that adds sprawling multi-tier dungeon "towers" to the world. They contain custom mob spawners, loot-filled Chests, and various themed rooms.

What is the origin of the roguelike genre?

A variation of the roguelike genre came from Japan, primarily through the Mystery Dungeon series by Chunsoft. The first game in this series was Torneko no Daibōken: Fushigi no Dungeon (トルネコの大冒険 不思議のダンジョン, Torneko's Great Adventure: Mystery Dungeon) based on the Dragon Quest series.

How do I install roguelike adventures and dungeons?

If you need help installing modpacks, the Twitch launcher makes it easy. Go to Mods, link your Minecraft, then search for “ Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons ” in the modpacks and click install.

What are the different types of roguelike games?

Some of the better-known variants include Hack, NetHack, Ancient Domains of Mystery, Moria, Angband, Tales of Maj'Eyal, and Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. The Japanese series of Mystery Dungeon games by Chunsoft, inspired by Rogue, also fall within the concept of roguelike games.

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