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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Roblox get so popular?

At the core of what makes Roblox so popular is its never-ending sense of discovery. Independent developers create more than 20 million new games a year for the platform and get a percentage of the money that users spend on their games.

What are some game ideas for Roblox?

Don’t waste your time on roblox. Invest in hiring a team of developers and work on games on unity. Here’s a game idea: A racing game with a waiting lobby and different maps each filled with unique chaos. A game picker will select a random map, the map will load and 20 players will be teleported to the map.

Do Roblox games make money?

Making Money On Roblox From Games You Make. There are a few different ways you can make money from Roblox game creation. First of all you can actually charge people Robux before they get access to your game. While most games on Roblox are totally free for anyone to play, that’s not true for all games.

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