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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like to be a riot intern?

As a Riot Intern, you can expect to nab honest mentorship from those around you. You'll unlock access to career development courses to equip you for your journey ahead, spend time with leadership across disciplines to gain valuable insights, create lasting relationships with your intern community,...

What's included in the rioter internship program?

PLAY FUND: You'll sample a taste of this annual Rioter perk, with up to $75 to spend on games (board games included). EVENTS: From coffee chats to lunch and learns to semi-regular mixers, there's plenty of ways to get to know your fellow interns and Rioters.

Do I need work authorization to intern at Riot Games?

No, but you must be eligible to work in the country to which you apply. If you already have work authorization that makes you eligible, you're good. Unfortunately, Riot cannot guarantee work authorization assistance for intern-hopefuls. Am I old enough to apply? Interns must be old enough to legally work where the Riot office is located.

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