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Frequently Asked Questions

When are the Rio Grande flow conditions updated?

The Rio Grande Flow Conditions are updated daily, Monday thru Friday at approximately 9:35 am Mountain Time/10:35 am Central Time. approximately 9:35 am Mountain Time/10:35 am Central Time. The following data are Provisional and are subject to revision. Stage and flow determinations are made

Is the Rio Grande River good for boating?

Rio Grande has a very slight gradient, making for good boating even when water volumes are low. River levels of 200 cubic feet per second (cfs) or greater are enough for canoes and smaller paddle craft. A river level of 400 cfs is generally the minimum for rafts.

Why does the Rio Grande flood so frequently?

The tributaries of the Rio Grande carry large amounts of sediment to the river during flash floods. Historically, this sediment would later be carried away by the large flows of the Rio Grande, and the river channel and floodplain would be large enough to handle the average high flows.

How are the Rio Grande and Rio Conchos rivers managed?

Extensive networks of diversions and dams control flows on both the Rio Grande and the Rio Conchos. Neither river is currently managed to provide an in-stream flow needed to sustain riparian habitat. Persistent drought conditions have existed in northern Mexico and southwest Texas for over six years.

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