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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Rio Grande a reservoir?

Rio Grande Dam. Built between 1910 and 1914 by the San Luis Valley Irrigation District to store water for agriculture in the San Luis Valley, Rio Grande Dam is an earth and rock fill dam 111 ft (34 m) high and 550 ft (170 m) long. The dam impounds the Rio Grande Reservoir, with a capacity of 52,000 acre⋅ft (64,000,000 m 3 ).

Where is the Rio Grande Bridge?

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. The Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, locally known as the "Gorge Bridge" or the "High Bridge", is a steel deck arch bridge across the Rio Grande Gorge 10 miles (16 km) northwest of Taos, New Mexico, United States.

How large is the Rio Grande?

The area within the entire watershed of the Rio Grande is some 336,000 square miles (870,000 square km). Because a large proportion of the river’s basin is arid or semiarid, however, only about half of the total area, or about 176,000 square miles (456,000 square km), actually contributes to the river’s flow.

Where is the Rio Grande River basin?

Rio Grande River Basin. Zoom In The Rio Grande Basin covers the largest area in Texas of any major river basin. The basin's namesake river was called R o Grande, Big River, by early Spanish explorers. From its headwaters in Colorado, the river flows through New Mexico and eventually joins the Rio Concho from Mexico.

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