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Frequently Asked Questions

What is revalidation and why is it important?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Revalidation is a mechanism used to "affirm or establish the continuing competence" of health practitioners, whilst strengthening and facilitating ethical and professional "commitment to reducing errors, adhering to best practice and improving quality of care."

What is the best way to submit a revalidation?

PECOS is the most efficient way to submit your revalidation. It allows you to: Because PECOS is paperless, you won’t need to mail anything. Additionally, PECOS is tailored to ensure that you only submit information that’s relevant to your application. Revalidate online using PECOS. How do I find my due date?

What happens when a revalidation is received by emedny?

When a revalidation is received by eMedNY for the Provider. The revalidation will be reviewed by the Bureau of Provider Enrollment. No further action is required unless contacted by the Bureau. A letter will be sent once the revalidation process is completed by the Bureau.

When do I need to revalidate the enrollment of my provider?

Federal regulations require state Medicaid agencies to revalidate the enrollment of all Medicaid providers once every five years ( 42 CFR Part 455 ). Instructions on when to revalidate and how to complete your revalidation can be found on this page. Am I currently up for revalidation? I am a Billing Provider and received a revalidation letter.

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