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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about military personnel retention?

Explore Military Personnel Retention 1 Tailoring Medical Standards for Air Force Personnel. To serve in the U.S. ... 2 Odds of Leaving Military Double After Sexual Assault. Exposure to sexual assault in the U.S. ... 3 Predicting 36-Month Attrition in the U.S. Military. ... 4 Understanding skills gaps in the European defence sector

Are the military services meeting retention goals this year?

James Stewart, acting undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness, told House lawmakers that the military services are exhibiting strong retention rates and are expected to meet goals this year to keep servicemembers from leaving.

How does the length of service affect military retirement pay?

In any case, the longer an individual serves, the higher the multiplier and the higher the retirement pay. For example: All military retirements are protected from inflation by an annual Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA), based on changes in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) as measured by the Department of Labor.

What is reserve retirement in the military?

Reserve Retirement: Reservists who have reached age 60 with 20 years of active service. Temporary Disability Retirement List (TDRL): Service member has a temporary disability rating, placed on retirement rolls by member’s Branch of Service for a maximum of five years.

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