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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to retain an employee?

To keep in one's service or pay: retain employees on a workforce. b. To hire (an attorney, for example) by the payment of a fee. c. To hire someone for (his or her services). [Middle English reteinen, from Old French retenir, from Latin retinēre: re-, re-+ tenēre, to hold; see ten-in Indo-European roots.]

What is employee retention and how do you measure it?

This is the goal of employee retention: an organization’s concerted efforts to retain their existing staff. Employee retention is often expressed as a statistic; the percentage of employees that remain in a company for a fixed time period (e.g. a quarter). To measure it, use the following employee retention rate formula:

How can HR help to retain your best employees?

Assisting in supporting and retaining your best employees, HR helps to ensure that employees are content within your company, bolstering morale and guarding against early departures. Here are seven key ways HR can help to retain your best employees: 1. Get to Know Employees Individually

What is the meaning of retention?

Retention is defined as the process by which a company ensures that its employees dont quit their jobs. Every company and industry has a varying retention rate, which indicates the percentage of em

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