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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a retailer definition?

Definition: A retailer is a company that buys products from a manufacturer or wholesaler and sells them to end users or customers. In a sense, a retailer is an intermediary or middleman that customers use to get products from the manufacturers. The retail system has been in place forever.

What are the top 10 retailers in the US?

Top 10 US Retailers: Amazon Joins Ranks Of Walmart, Kroger For First Time Ever. 4 Target $71,279,000 -0.9% 5 The Home Depot $69,951,000 6.6% 6 Walgreen $68,068,000 1.3% 7 CVS Caremark $65,618,000 3.1% 8...

What does retail business mean?

A retail business is defined as a company that buys products from a supplier and resells them for a profit. A retail store can sell one item, such as cars, or carry a range of products to which customers return, such as a convenience store. Retail business share many traits that define their operations.

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