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Frequently Asked Questions

What are valid reasons for a restraining order?

Crimes such as assault, battery, rape, kidnapping and other violent crimes that cause physical and emotional pain, distress and fear are often justifiable reasons for a court-sanctioned protection order. Aside from the victim, family members, partners, friends or their representative may file for the restraining order on their behalf.

Is there such thing as a permanent restraining?

A permanent restraining order provides protection for victims of certain crimes, such as domestic abuse, child abuse, sexual assault, harassment, stalking and other offenses. They are also quite common in divorce cases, especially where the divorce is based on a history of repeated abuse patterns.

What are grounds for a restraining order?

Permanent Restraining Order. A permanent restraining order comes into existence after a judge or magistrate has ruled that it is necessary on the grounds that the incidents listed on the petition by the victim--typically verbal, emotionally and physical abuse--have been proven to be true and that the safety of the victim is at risk.

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