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Frequently Asked Questions

How to start restart reset?

What to Know Press and hold the on/off button. When the slider appears, slide to the right. Hold down the on/off button again to restart. A restart is sometimes called a reset. A hard reset is used when the standard restart process doesn't work. To hard reset, hold down the home and on/off buttons at the same time, even after the slider appears.

How can I reset to factory reset?

To perform a factory reset: On the back of your router, locate the Restore Factory Settings or Reset button. Using a paper clip or similar object, press and hold the Restore Factory Settings or Reset button for about seven seconds. Release the Restore Factory Settings or Reset button and wait for your router to reboot.

How do I reset the system?

The following procedure resets the system to its default state: Log in to your Icon by entering the IP address in a browser URL. Enter your username and password. Select your preferred language and then click Sign In. Click the Maintenance tab and then select System Reset > System Reset .

What does reset all settings do?

Reset All Settings is a reset option which is useful when your iDevice is encountering various issues because of the changes in device settings and configurations.

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