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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get answers to Accelerated Reading (AR) tests?

Accelerated Reading, or AR, test answers are not made available to buy or download. Schools can purchase AR tests but the tests are marked by the computer and only the result score is shown. You can only really get the AR test answers by actually reading the book that is being tested.

Can You give Me the answers to my AR test?

Cheating on your AR test doesn't do you any good. We can't give you the answers because they don't stay the same between tests. Your test is geared to you by the computer and the answers change. WikiAnswers isn't a test-cheating website.

What are quizzes in Ar?

Students read a book from the AR list and then take one or more tests, often referred to as ‘quizzes’, which are designed to assess if the student has read and understood the book. The tests are not made available outside of the AR program so cannot be viewed unless you have a valid AR account which will be given to you by your school.

How many kids have to take the AR test?

All 5 of them have to take AR test. The two youngest get the books read to them with the rest of the class. The other three have to read the books. Seriously why don't you just take the test at home or something and then right down the correct answers on your arm or a piece of paper to cheat.

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