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Frequently Asked Questions

Why have the PARCC states released test items?

The states that make up the PARCC consortium have taken the exceptional step of releasing test items from current and recent year’s PARCC assessment to give teachers a powerful tool to inform and improve classroom teaching and learning.

What is the PARCC and why is it important?

Performance on the PARCC can be a determining factor in a student’s advancement to the next grade, and can also affect the funding of the student’s school depending on school-wide performance. PARCC practice tests and other resources are available for those who want additional practice.

What grade level are PARCC assessments administered to?

PARCC assessments in English Language Arts and Mathematics will be administered to all students in grades 3-8. what to expect when their children's score reports arrive at home.

What is the parparcc Resource Center?

PARCC has also developed a resource library called the Partnership Resource Center, which provides both teachers and parents with access to “computer-adaptive text complexity diagnostic tools”. This initiative is designed to ensure students have access to appropriate-level texts and are prepared to enter college and careers at the right level.

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