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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new in the firmware update 20200225?

Update firmware to 20200225. Support playback of recordings on Roku clients. Report total disk space in discover.json. Automatically remove log files older than 10 days. Windows: 64-bit record service.

What's new in the new dvbt release?

DVBT initial production release. Fixes missed channels in OTA channel scan. Fixes intermittent zero-signal display in WMC signal strength scan (OTA). Fixes intermittent long time to tune to a channel (OTA). Fix multicast handling when used without a gateway configured.

What's new in X-HDHomeRun?

Improvements to XML processing. Improvements to system logging and diagnostic logging. Add support for upgrading the firmware via the device webpage. Add X-HDHomeRun-Error HTTP header to provide additional information when a stream request is rejected. Drop RUI support until a TV with RUI support is available.

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