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Frequently Asked Questions

How can i Improve my Flute skills?

By far, the best way to improve your flute skills is through private flute lessons. An experienced flute teacher can observe your progress, correct mistakes, and provide personalized suggestions for what to learn next. Remember to enjoy the journey, and before you know it – you’ll know all the notes!

Do you have to learn all the notes on the flute?

Every new player has a goal of learning all of the flute notes, no matter what style of flute they’re looking to play. It’s important to learn how to read music notes for flute as soon as you can—the sooner you learn them, the sooner you can read sheet music and master different melodies.

How do you hold a flute with one finger?

Instead, let your whole hand hold the flute, and remember that your fingertip is simply an extension of your finger that originates near the wrist. As you learn flute notes, try to release and relax your elbows and shoulders, which are two areas that often try to “help” as you play.

How do I clean the inside of my flute?

A cleaning rod – This is usually supplied with the flute and will normally be wooden or plastic A gauze cloth – This is to be threaded through the slit in the cleaning rod and goes inside the flute The best cleaning cloths are made of soft, microfibre material that traps dirt and removes smudges and fingerprints.

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