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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best resources for clarinetists?

International Clarinet Association – a resource for clarinetists worldwide dedicated to research and clarinet performance. COMING SOON: Michelle’s New Clarinet Teaching Lesson Series – “How To Play Clarinet More Easily” (designed for intermediate level clarinetists to improve all of the basics of clarinet).

What are the benefits of learning the clarinet?

If you learn the clarinet and stick with it, you will start to see significant improvements in your hand-eye coordination, memory skills, as well as in your hearing and listening ability. Playing the clarinet can also boost your confidence levels so that you can start to perceive yourself in new ways.

How do I get better at holding my clarinet?

As you practice in the next few weeks, a good habit will be to have your clarinet in your mouth ready to play, and then reach up with a finger and pull your bottom lip down and away from the reed. This will encourage your mouth muscles to learn how to hold this shape on their own.

Where can I learn the Clarinet Online? is a wonderful place to learn the clarinet on a daily basis. Udemy is one of the largest purveyors of on-demand, online courses for almost everything. Despite its widespread nature, the quality of each course is always near the top of the list. This is no different for the clarinet courses that you can find on Udemy.

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