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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn to play the trumpet?

One of the least expensive ways to learn how to play a musical instrument like the trumpet is by using “How To” videos that are designed to help people learn to play the trumpet online. One of the best ways to find these video-based lessons online is to go to and search for how to learn to play the trumpet.

How do I learn to embouchure without a trumpet?

All of the trumpet lessons for beginners stress the importance of lip and facial exercises to get one used to embouchure. One simple yet effective strategy for a newbie to practice embouchure without a trumpet is to start with producing the sound of the letter “M.” Try saying the consonant “M” until you make the “mmm” sound.

What is the correct way to hold a trumpet?

A general rule of thumb to hold the trumpet is to place your right hand’s index, middle and ring fingers on the valves with the little finger on the hook. The thumb of your left hand should rest on the first valve slide while the index and middle fingers are placed behind the third valve casing.

How important is breathing when playing the trumpet?

Since you play the trumpet by blowing air into the mouthpiece your breathing will definitely play an important role in how well that you play the trumpet. Along with breathing, the way that you hold the instrument will also play a role in how the sound that comes out of the bell of the trumpet is heard.

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