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Frequently Asked Questions

What does relation mean?

relation(Noun) The manner in which two things may be associated. The relation between diet and health is complex. relation(Noun) A member of one's family. Yes, he's a relation of mine, but a only distant one.

What does relation mean in math terms?

In math, a relation describes how elements from one set, A, are related to elements of a second set, B, in terms of ordered pairs (x,y). For example, in a set of ordered pairs, the x-values can be the elements from set A and make up the domain.

What is relation in math terms?

Relations And Its Types Relations Definition. A relation in mathematics defines the relationship between two different sets of information. ... Sets and Relations. Sets and relation are interconnected with each other. ... Relations in Mathematics. In Maths, the relation is the relationship between two or more set of values. ... Types of Relations. ... Representation of Types of Relations

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