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Frequently Asked Questions

What would be a good reindeer game for Christmas?

Hiding and finding a stuffed animal Rudolph with a blinking red nose would not only be a fun Reindeer Game, but it would also make for fun Christmas dramatic play! The kids could be the other reindeer or even Santa as they look for Rudolph and ask him to “drive their sleigh tonight”.

How do you make a reindeer game for a party?

Put a reindeer spin on the classic party game of “My Name Is.” Place the names of nine reindeer in a hat. If you have more than nine kids playing, you can make up some additional reindeer names of your own to add to the mix. Have the children gather in a circle and hand the first player the hat.

How do you play reindeer hide and seek?

Reindeer Hide and Seek – We play this game at birthday parties and on Easter, so why turn it into a simple reindeer game for kids to play. All you have to do is print our reindeer hide and seek printable, cut out the reindeer and use some painter’s tape, or low tack tape, to stick them all-around your house.

How do you play the game goose and reindeer?

With each tap, the child says “Duck” or “Reindeer” in this case. When they get to the player they want to chase them, they tap them and say “Goose” (or “Rudolph” for this game). That person runs around the circle trying to tag the original player until they get back to their spot.

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