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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I renew my Texas vehicle registration online?

To renew registration via the internet please click on the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles link below:

Is my registration current in Dallas County?

Registration is current. No ticket has been issued for expired registration. You have the current renewal notice. You have proof of liability insurance. You have had your vehicle inspected within 90 days of expiration of registration. New license plates are not required. © 2021. Dallas County.

How do I renew my vehicle registration and sticker?

Get your vehicle registration and sticker at your local county Tax Assessor Collector office. There are several ways to renew your vehicle registration. Remember, you must have a passing vehicle inspection before you can renew. Online.

Where is the Dallas County tax office – Mesquite Texas located?

The Dallas County Tax Office – Mesquite Of Mesquite, Texas is located in Mesquite currently provides 210 W. Grubb Drive in Mesquite, Texas and provides a full array of DMV services such as Road test, Driving License, Written Cards,Identification Cards, Commercial License, CDL Driving and CDL Written Test.

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