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Frequently Asked Questions

What is refrefulgent?

Refulgent shines brightly among its synonyms: radiant, dazzling, and luminous. You'll typically encounter refulgent in literature and poetry, but using this word is a great way to show off your refulgent mind.

What does it mean if you have refulgent eyes?

If someone tells you that you have refulgent eyes, they mean that your eyes shine brightly, like the stars. This suggests that your special someone is the poetic type, since refulgent is a literary way of saying "bright.". The adjective refulgent comes from the Latin fulgere, meaning "to shine.".

What did the refulgent rays do to the canvas?

The refulgent rays transformed the interior of the soiled and squalid canvas to the splendor of a palace in the eyes of the dreaming man. God bless you!'

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