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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a ReFS volume with PowerShell?

Create a test.txt file on the E:\ drive. Run the Get-FileIntegrity cmdlet. It will show that it’s not Enabled. Create the ReFS volume with a PowerShell one-liner. This will save you some time if you have to configure more than one ReFS volume.

How do I create a ReFS partition on a new volume?

Create a new partition in the free space on the disk using diskpart. Select the newly created volume, and use the filesystems command within diskpart to see if ReFS is an available option for the new volume. Was this post helpful?

How to create ReFS volume in exchange 2013/2016/2019?

Create ReFS volume in Exchange 2013/2016/2019 Get disk status. It’s important to know how many volumes you need for the database and log files. This is different per... Set disk online. Set the disk online and check the disk operational status. Run the Set-Disk cmdlet. The disk is Online. Convert ...

How to partition and format a drive using PowerShell?

How to Partition and Format a Drive Using PowerShell. 1 1. Open PowerShell and Get-Disk. Open PowerShell and select the disk you want to format and partition. In the following examples, I'm using a 128GB ... 2 2. Choose a Disk and Clear Data Using Clear-Disk. 3 3. Create a New Partition, Format the Volume, and Add a Drive Letter.

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