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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ReFS file system (refs)?

Today, we face new storage challenges that NTFS just can't handle, and to overcome the limitations Microsoft created from the ground up a new file system called "ReFS" (Resilient File System). ReFS was first introduced with Windows 8, and it's now part of Windows 10.

How do I create and format a storage using refs?

To create and format a storage using ReFS, do the following: Open Start. Do a search for Storage Spaces and click the result. Click the Create a new pool and storage space link. Select the two hard drives you intend to use with ReFS. Click Create pool. On the newly created storage space, enter a name for the new drive.

Is refs just a replacement for NTFS?

At the moment, ReFS is not just a replacement for NTFS. It has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can’t just use ReFS instead of NTFS on your system drive. As ReFS is Microsoft’s newest file system, it’s designed to address a few major issues with NTFS.

How do I use refs on Windows 10?

On a typical Windows 10 PC, you can only use ReFS through the Storage Spaces feature. Be sure to format your Storage Spaces as ReFS and not NTFS when you see the file system option. You’ll automatically benefit from the data integrity features in the ReFS file system if you choose it.

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