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Frequently Asked Questions

What was Red Skelton's home life like?

His home life was not completely happy--two divorces and a son Richard who died of leukemia at age nine--and he did not hang around with other comedians. He continued performing live until illness, and he was a longtime supporter of children's charities. Red Skelton died at age 84 of pneumonia in Rancho Mirage, California on September 17, 1997.

Does Red Skelton come to the Stanley in another Whistler?

"Red Skelton Comes to the Stanley In Another "Whistler " ". Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. p. 12. Retrieved May 2, 2014. ^ Gehring 2008, p. 319.

Why did Red Skelton have a nervous breakdown?

The pressures of entertaining troops, and fulfilling his duties as a soldier, resulted in Skelton's hospitalization for a nervous breakdown in 1945. Star of "The Red Skelton Show" on NBC Radio (1941-1949) and CBS Radio (1949-1953).

Where is the original Red Skelton Museum?

The original is at the Red Skelton Museum Foundation in Vincennes, Indiana. ^ Fred Allen was censored when he referred to an imaginary NBC vice president who was "in charge of program ends".

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