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Frequently Asked Questions

What is redump and how does it work? is a disc preservation database and internet community dedicated to collecting precise and accurate information about every video game ever released on optical media of any system. The goal is to make blueprints of the data on console and computer game discs. also provides guides to ensure the dumps are correctly done.

What is the redump disc image collection?

This is a maintained Redump Disc Image Collection and will be updated periodically. This collection contains disc images that have been verified to match the file hashes in the Redump database. Favorite this page or follow me on twitter for future updates to this collection.

What's the difference between redump and no intro?

"redump" is aimed at CD games. "no intro" is meant for cartridge games. [and yes there is a lot more of groups like both!] cheers!

What is RVZ redump DAT?

Unlike all the previous formats, RVZ is lossless and can preserve the padding data on Wii discs as well as the necessary files needed by the Wii's IOS.... This is a version of NKit that has the Redump DATs and recovery partitions for Wii and GameCube built into it. Thanks to Ryccardo for this.

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