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Frequently Asked Questions

What is data passport on M1?

Now, Data Passport only charges you $10 for every 30 days from the date of activation. Network Lock: This service is really handy, as it only lets your phone connect to M1’s data roaming partner networks. This way, you won’t end up on a different network with hefty data roaming rates.

What is the my M1+ app?

Adding to that is the My M1+ App that tracks your overseas usage of roaming data (rounded up to the nearest MB), talktime, and SMS so that you can stay on top of your usage game! Which mobile plans can I use Data Passport with?

What are the terms and conditions for M1 postpaid?

These Terms and Conditions apply to customers who sign up to M1’s current range of Postpaid mobile plans on or after 18 December 2020. Free bundled talktime, SMS and data extends to local usage unless otherwise stated. Data usage is restricted to reasonable personal mobile use and non-commercial purposes only.

How can I use my data passport in multiple destinations?

Activate your Data Passport on your My M1+ App, and you’ll be able to use your allocated local data in more than 70 destinations across the globe. This means that you can provide updates on your travels whenever you feel the need to without the worry of being on the receiving end of unintended data charges! Single destination trip?

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