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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best record store in North Carolina?

All Day Records was recently named the best record store in North Carolina by Vinyl Me, Please. Situated on Carrboro’s main drag, this little hole in the wall is a major hub for the local music scene.

Where can I buy vinyl in Wake Forest?

The Record Krate’s other location is Wake Forest’s only independent record store, and is a prime spot for area vinyl shoppers. Both of these locations should be a go-to for any music lover looking to add to his or her collection.

Where can you find DIY music in North Carolina?

Chapel Hill and Winston-Salem, which were breeding grounds for bands like Superchunk and the dBs, have been notable purveyors of the DIY sound since the ‘80s. The roots of alternative music can still be found in the state’s venues, labels, and independent record stores.

Are North Carolina’s Vinyl shops still alive?

These vinyl shops are still alive and well in the streaming era, and they remain cornerstones of North Carolina’s cultural landscape. A record store is a great place to shop for new music, get recommendations from knowledgeable staff, and engage with the local music scene.

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