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Frequently Asked Questions

Do MRAs represent the norm for men?

Similarly speaking, MRAs do not represent the norm for men, but they do represent nearly all of misogynists. Feeling that they have been rejected or otherwise turned down by a woman. Some men may feel they are entitled to the approval or the consent of women around them.

Is RationalWiki a ' Wikipedia-style website'?

Benjamin Brojakowski of Bowling Green State University described RationalWiki as "a Wikipedia-style website aimed at educating individuals with unorthodox views". Snopes has repeatedly quoted RationalWiki for background on Sorcha Faal of the European Union Times.

What is the purpose of the rational wiki?

RationalWiki is a wiki whose stated aims are to critique and challenge pseudoscience, conspiracy theories, and the anti-science movement, explore authoritarianism and fundamentalism, and analyze how these subjects are handled in the media. It was created in 2007 to counter Conservapedia after an incident in which...

Who are the MRA writers?

The first prominent MRA writer was arguably Marxist writer and anti-suffragist Ernest Belfort Bax. He wrote The Legal Subjection of Men in 1908, modeled after The Subjection of Women by John Stuart Mill. Bax also wrote The Fraud Of Feminism in 1913 — at a time when only a minority of countries in the Western world even gave women the right to vote.

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