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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rational wiki?

Rational Wiki is a skeptics' wiki. It was created as a negative reaction to Conservapedia,note A wiki made for those who think The Other Wiki has a liberal bias. We actually had a page on them, but we had to cutlist it as part of the Websites Cleanup Project, since all it did was to mock the site and its admins.

Who is the owner of RationalWiki?

It is considered to be one part of the " skeptical movement ". Its licensed proprietor for taxation purposes is Trent Toulouse, who teaches Psychology in the Central New Mexico Community College in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is on record as saying he enjoys being sued over defamations on RationalWiki.

How is RationalWiki funded?

RationalWiki is owned by the RationalMedia Foundation and is funded through donations. In review, RationalWiki is a wiki site that is open source and editable by anyone.

Is RationalWiki as bad as Conservapedia?

Basically, RationalWiki is as bad as Conservapedia. Don't use it. It's not as bad as Conservapedia, but it is still biased like all political wikis, news sources (like CNN or Fox News), videos etc.

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