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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the racing pigeon support area?

Our most popular "Support Area" is the Race Results database, which annually host over 2300 Young and old bird, club and combine race results for many organizations across the USA and Canada. Visit our store and read about a new line of Racing Pigeon Products.

What is the Pigeon Club?

We are the largest Pigeon Club in America with 200 members and growing monthly. Our membership is a who's-who of many of the well known names of the pigeon sport.

Are there any pedigreed racing pigeons for sale?

With many varieties of Pedigreed Racing Pigeons for sale, we will have the right Pigeon for you! We sell various racing pigeon breeds, including Aarden, Alfons Klaas, Bordeaux, Huysken Van Riel, and many others. You can also search for a breeding racing pigeon by price. Simply use the filter feature to filter out a specific racing pigeon price.

Why race homing pigeons with the AU?

Join us as we lead the way in racing homing pigeons! The AU offers the most prestigious national awards! Do you fit the profile? We find that this hobby has a great appeal to those who enjoy working with animals, to those who appreciate athleticism, to those who like friendly, wholesome competition.

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