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Frequently Asked Questions

What Toyota engine is used in NASCAR?

The 250-pound engine is based on Toyota's Phase 9 V8 motors previously used in NASCAR competition. For over half a century, Engine Builder Ed Pink has developed and built racing engines for virtually every form of motorsports, from Indy cars to sports cars to drag racing, Silver Crown, sprint cars, and midgets.

How much is a NASCAR engine?

HowStuffWorks advises that NASCAR engines cost $45,000 to $80,000 to build. Most of the top racing teams construct their own engines from scratch, and it takes engineers more than 100 hours of...

What are crate engines?

Crate engines are replacement engines that are shipped in wooden crates to consumers. Crate engines are new and complete engines, often purchased when buyers do not want to rebuild an existing engine, or when they want to upgrade to a more powerful engine. Owners of classic muscle cars often replace original engines with high performance engines.

What are racing cars?

racing car. a car used for racing, as a specially designed and modified car or stock car.

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