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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the word 'Quechua'?

plural Quechua or Quechuas. 1 : a family of languages spoken by Indian peoples of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, and Argentina.

What countries speak Quechua?

Quechua I (Central Quechua, Waywash) is spoken in Peru's central highlands, from the Ancash Region to Huancayo. It is the most diverse branch of Quechua, to the extent that its divisions are commonly considered different languages.

Where is Quechua an official language?

Quechua has the status of an official language in Peru and Bolivia, along with Spanish and Aymara. In rural areas, it is used for everyday communication in informal contexts. Since most native speakers of Quechua are illiterate in their native language, it remains largely an oral language.

What is the Quechua language?

Quechua is famous for being the language of the Inca Empire of Peru. In truth, however, there is no single Quechua language--instead there is what linguists called a dialect chain across most of Western South America, in which speakers of one Quechua language can understand the languages spoken by their immediate neighbors, but not a language further from them.

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