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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Quechua tents waterproof?

All Quechua tents are tested and validated in the field and in laboratory. They need to resist a tropical rain similar to 200L/h during 4 hours. The double-roof has a waterproof coating and waterproofed seams, thanks to heat-sealed bands.

What is the best tent for a van?

Quechua, the Decathlon brand dedicated to the outdoors, has launched a truly innovative tent dedicated to van users: the Rooftop Tent Van500. With its inflatable structure, no need for roof bars. Completely removable, it’s light, ultra-compact and can be stored in an easily transportable bag.

Why Quechua fleeces?

Eco-design and aesthetics can go hand in hand! And yes, at Quechua we transform disposable products into durable products, and that results in stylish fleeces. A cool look, warmth, and above all a lot of freedom of movement!

What is the UPF of the double-roofed tent?

The fabric of the double-roof filters the UV rays with an UPF between 30 and 50 depending of the tent. The outer patented FRESH&BLACK fabric: 99% obscurity even during the day.

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