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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Quechua 2 seconds tent?

I was gifted a Quechua 2 Seconds tent from friends who were in a hurry to leave their campsite and didn't have room in their luggage to fly back to Europe with it. This is an ingenious little tent. It's a small, two-person tent that has flexible tent poles integrated into the tent so that you can unpack and set up your shelter in two seconds.

How do you fold a Quechua drawing bag?

Once you take it out of its carrying bag it's a like a spring-loaded jack-in-the-box that snaps into shape. All you need to do is stake down the corners and your done! Until it's time to fold it back and take it home. Now, the fine folks at Quechua were kind enough to include drawings that are sewn right into the bag.

How do Quechua tents protect from bad mountain weather?

EFFICIENT PROTECTION AGAINST BAD MOUNTAIN WEATHER: RAIN, DEW, HUMIDITY AND WIND. All Quechua tents are tested and validated in the field and in laboratory. They need to resist a tropical rain similar to 200L/h during 4 hours. The double-roof has a waterproof coating and waterproofed seams, thanks to heat-sealed bands.

Why Quechua fleeces?

Eco-design and aesthetics can go hand in hand! And yes, at Quechua we transform disposable products into durable products, and that results in stylish fleeces. A cool look, warmth, and above all a lot of freedom of movement!

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