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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Quackenbush start making air rifles?

In 1871, he founded the Quackenbush Company in Herkimer, New York, and obtained his first air gun patent (issued June 6, 1871) for his Eureka air pistol. The pistol is now a collectors item. The company began producing air rifles in 1876.

What was the Quackenbush Company known for?

His company was widely known for its air rifles and for the invention of the metal, spring-jointed nutcracker. Quackenbush was born in Herkimer, New York, in 1847.

Did Quackenbush’s break barrel rifle have a lever?

The only other existing inline design of the period was Haviland and Gunn’s break barrel rifle where the barrel was used as a lever when cocking the gun. However, Quackenbush’s design did not have a “break-barrel”. Instead, the rifle was cocked by pushing the barrel backwards into the compression chamber.

What is Quackenbush’s fourth pistol?

Quackenbush’s fourth pistol was first seen advertised in 1872 and was named the “Rifle Air Pistol”. This was probably due to its long barrel and wire frame shoulder stock allowing it to be shouldered as you would a rifle.

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