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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Quackenbush rifle?

The Quackenbush rifle, invented by industrialist Henry M. Quackenbush, is a clever but cheaply made "Boys' rifle " sold in large numbers in the 1893-1920 period, along with several models of air guns.

What was the Quackenbush Company known for?

His company was widely known for its air rifles and for the invention of the metal, spring-jointed nutcracker. Quackenbush was born in Herkimer, New York, in 1847.

What was the original serial number of the Quackenbush pistol?

Other earlier variants, for example serial number 19634, were stamped “Pat June 6 1876 – July 19 1881” “May 21 ‘72 – RE’ SEP 26 ‘87”. This refers to Haviland and Gunn’s U.S. Patent 126,954, reissue 10,210, which described their piston-in-grip pistol design that was re-assigned to Quackenbush.

How did the Quackenbush break barrel work?

However, Quackenbush’s design did not have a “break-barrel”. Instead, the rifle was cocked by pushing the barrel backwards into the compression chamber. This pushed the piston back against the spring until it was locked in place by the trigger sear.

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