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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Quick Quack car wash offer 50% off coupons?

Yes, Quick Quack Car Wash promotes Quick Quack Car Wash Coupons 50% Off now. Where to find the latest Quick Quack Car Wash Coupons 50% Off?

How many Quick Quack car washes are there in the US?

There are over 100 Quick Quack car wash locations in Utah, California, Texas, Arizona, and Colorado. More branches are planned to be added in the near future. Wherever you are in these five states, you can always expect that there’s a Quick Quack Car wash near you.

How long do Quick Quack vouchers last?

Your Groupon must be exchanged at Quick Quack for five wash vouchers within 60 days, however, the wash vouchers will never expire. For the comfort of cranky, elderly cars or their impatient, teenage equivalents, Quick Quack Car Wash features a conveyor system, keeping the wash time no longer than three minutes.

What is the phone number for Quick Quack?

Quick Quack Car Wash Corporate Office As of now, the company is headquartered in Roseville, California. The Customer Service Department is open from 6 AM to 7 PM. For urgent matters, you can call 888-772-2792 (888-QQ-CARWASH) or text (916-971-3274).

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