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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Docker commands?

Docker provides a very powerful command diff which lists the changes in the files and directories. The changes include addition, deletion and those represented by the A, D and C flags, respectively. This command improves debugging processes and allows faster sharing of environments.

What is Docker image command?

Docker images consist of multiple layers. Dangling images are layers that have no relationship to any tagged images. They no longer serve a purpose and consume disk space. They can be located by adding the filter flag, -f with a value of dangling=true to the docker images command.

What is Docker image format?

A Docker Image is the template (application plus required binaries and libraries) needed to build a running Docker Container (the running instance of that image). As templates, images are what can be used to share a containerized applications.

What is Docker base?

docker-base is a base image for a multi-container Docker web project. It will contain all the packages required for a normal web server. It was designed with django in mind and with Polymer for its frontend however it can easily be modified for any web application.

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