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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the sizes of the pvlc1216197 and pvlb121618?

PVLB121618 0.6 Cv PVLB12161871/8" NPT PVLB121606 PVLB12160671/4" Tube PVLC1216197 1.2 Cv PVLC12160973/8" Tube Locking Manual Override, Valve Less Solenoid. 1

What is the VDC of the pvlb1026187w2?

BOLD OPTIONS ARE MOST POPULAR. Valve Only PVLB1026187W2 1/8" NPT 12-24 VDC 0.6 Cv PVLB1026187W1 PVLB1026067W2

What are the different sizes of the pvlb and pvlc series valves?

“PVL” Series Valves PVLB (1/8") & PVLC (1/4") Stacking Valves Double Solenoid / Remote Pilot 4-Way, 2-Position 4 2 5 3 1 #12 Operator End #14 End Double Solenoid / Remote Pilot Dual 3/2 Normally Closed Valve Only PVLB1226181/8" BSP 0.6 Cv PVLB12261871/8" NPT PVLB1226066mm Tube PVLB12260671/4" Tube PVLC12261971/4" NPT 1.2 Cv

What size is the pvlb1016067vac double solenoid?

PVLB1016187W124-120 VAC PVLB1016067W2 1/4" Tube 12-24 VDC PVLB1016067W124-120 VAC Double Solenoid

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