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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Purdue University Global located?

Purdue Global serves approximately 30,000 students. Purdue Global is mainly an online university and also has 14 locations in Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Nebraska, Maine, Missouri, and Wisconsin. Purdue Global is academically organized into seven schools.

Where is Purdue University main campus located?

Purdue University’s main and largest campus is located in West Lafayette, Indiana on the banks of the Wabash River.

How far is Purdue University from Indianapolis?

The total driving distance from IND to Purdue University is 75 miles or 121 kilometers. Your trip begins at Indianapolis International Airport in Indianapolis, Indiana. It ends in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Is Purdue University any good?

Purdue University is a wonderful institution. The campus is absolutely beautiful, especially in the summer when it gives off a "fantasy" vibe. The faculty, in general is great. Many professors are generous and kind to their students. The courses can be a bit tough, but that is to be expected at a high-achieving university.

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