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Frequently Asked Questions

Why support purchase Park 2 fly?

We believe that parking should be easy, convenient, and affordable so that you have nothing to worry about as you travel. Even before its inception, Purchase Park 2 Fly has provided students at SUNY Purchase College with the ability to excel and develop their skills. Your support enables students to achieve the most from their education.

Where is Park 2 fly Westchester Airport?

Purchase Park 2 Fly Westchester Airport is conveniently located on the SUNY Purchase campus. Complimentary shuttle service is provided to and from Westchester Airport. The helpful staff will assist with any luggage needs you may have, simply see attendant when arriving at the parking lot.

Why park with Park plus at jajfk?

JFK can be hectic but parking with Park Plus will be the most stress-free part of the journey.

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