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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ptrx?

PTRX - Software and apps for Orthopedic Care Providers and their Patients - Created from the ground up by clinical therapists for clinical physical therapists. The clear eHEP choice created from the ground up by clinical therapists for clinical therapists.

Why prtx virtual events?

With a combined 75+ years of event experience, the PrtX team of event & communications professionals built the leading B2B virtual events platform, that offers you these benefits: Let your brand shine – Customizable brand presence opportunities throughout the venue. Measure what matters to you – GDPR compliant data analytics that increase your ROI.

What is the range of prtx-100 doses in the US?

Intervention levels range from one (1) to twenty four (24) micrograms of PRTX-100 per kilogram of patient weight. Patients may receive up to four weekly infusions of PRTX-100 over the study treatment period. PRTX-100 doses ≤ 500 μg will be infused intravenously over 30 minutes. PRTX-100 doses > 500 μg will be infused over 60 minutes.

Does prtx-100 improve platelet levels?

Pre-clinical and clinical evaluations show that PRTX- 100 has biological activity that may lead to improved platelet levels where these are decreased due to immunological pathologies and that PRTX-100 has an acceptable safety profile.

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