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Frequently Asked Questions

How to vote on proxy shareholder online?

Proxy Shareholder Online Voting TO VOTE BY TELEPHONE Call toll-free 1-800-PROXIES (1-800-776-9437) in the United States or 1-718-921-8500 from foreign countries and follow the instructions Please enter your control number in the box below Your control number is the eleven ….

Where do I find the control number on my proxy card?

Whether you received a Meeting Notice or a complete proxy package containing a proxy card, the control number is located on the Meeting Notice or Proxy Card in bold. Please be sure to enter the entire control number correctly into the field above. I recently received a Notice for an upcoming meeting.

What can proxyvote do for your company?

Build brand loyalty, foster participation, and provide securityholders with the information they need to vote online with just a few simple clicks. We will work with you to customize ProxyVote with your branding and content to support your company's goals.

What is the control number and how do I find it?

The Control Number is a unique 12-digit number that was assigned to you for the purpose of voting at a particular shareholder or unitholder meeting; If you recently received a Form of Proxy, a Voting Instruction Form or a Notification Email, please look for your 12-digit Control Number on the Form or Email; Mail Recipients: the Control Number

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