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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose proxyguys as your proxy provider?

Whatever your needs are, ProxyGuys has just the right proxy at a competitive price with premium support & features to fulfill all your proxy needs.

How much does proxies cost?

Monthly Unlimited Proxy License (Multi-Location) $300 Per Month Unlimited Premium Bandwidth, Instant IP Changes & Access To All Locations. Full API Access. Web Portal + Firefox & Chrome Plugins

How do I set up a proxy?

Once you connect to a location you will get a proxy IP:PORT and a username and password and VPN connection settings. You will input this into your Proxy software or Operating System. You can also choose to enable IP Whitelisting (proxy only) and enter your public IP or IP range to allow you to use the proxy without user:pass.

What is a “single-location” proxy license?

With our “single-location” proxy license you get to pick which USA city you want to connect to then you will be given an IP,Port,User,Pass along with a link to get a new 5G mobile IP however you will not be able to instantly switch between our 39+ locations and bandwidth becomes throttled after 22GB each month.

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